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Fast, high quality and low cost - whether it’s one colour or full colour, the cost is the same. It’s clean and environmentally safe, the only by-product is paper. Often combined with CADD drawings using a printer or a plotter to deliver neat, clean and highly accurate results.

There are three main elements involved in heat transfer printing - the heat press, the transfer and the base material that images will be printed onto.

When creating your transfer image, CADD drawings offer outstanding accuracy and flexibility. The size and quality of an image is easily controlled on the computer, whether it’s specifying line thickness and colours, rotating parts of an image or choosing to print only selected areas of a design.

By applying heat and pressure, the transfer inks are imprinted onto your merchandise. Some inks stick to the material’s surface and others saturate the coating of the material.

Types of transfer

ProFLEX PVC — a thermo-weldable film cut to shape using a plotter and best used for numerals, lettering and logos on non-siliconed textiles.

Stretch — ultra thin and highly durable, so it quickly reverts back to its original shape after being pulled. Ideal for full colour, material-based promotional items, such as clothing.

Flocking — a high quality heat-sealable flock film that is pre-printed with designs. It results in great full colour fastness and suits decorative designs.

FibrePLUS — a heat-sealable flock film made from polyester microfibre and 100% polyurethane resins. It produces a long-lasting image that’s very light and stretchable.

All types of transfer are applied to your merchandise with a commercial heat press.

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