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Embroidery stitches your artwork or logo into fabric using high-speed, computer-controlled sewing machines. Price is based on the total number of stitches used, so the more stitches used, the higher the final cost. Looks most effective with strong bold colours and basic lettering and shapes.

It’s all about ‘digitising’ your artwork. In simple language this means your two-dimensional artwork needs to be converted into stitches or thread using a digitiser. It’s not possible to just convert a jpeg or eps file electronically; the artwork actually needs to be recreated using stitches.

Once the high speed, computerized sewing machine is programmed with the design, specific colours and type of stitch, it’s ready to start customising your merchandise with your logo or branding.

You should be aware that embroidery doesn’t produce the sharpest end result, so it’s not recommended for branding or messages that are intricate or contain any form of shading

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